ORIGINAL DISHES: FRIED CHICKEN Friday, September 14, 2012

Their hens lay our eggs. Their cocks guide our sunrises. Their offspring inspires jokes (and anti-jokes), as well as ridiculous (but nonetheless fun to perform) group wedding dances. We even keep them as pets.

But most everyone still agrees that chickens are best when they’re served for dinner. And if you’re among those who agree that the best way to eat a chicken is when it’s fried, we’ve got good news. Our Fried Chicken Dinner is back!

Served with a small, dressed Arugula Salad and a sweet-and-savory Apple Chutney, our Draper Valley Chickens are put through the preparation process with a full deboning and then a slow braising buttermilk bath until the birds are cooked through.

Then we let them rest a bit and, once they’ve cooled off, we roll and dredge them in flour seasoned with secret spices before letting them rumble and boil in our deep-fryer until they’re hot, crispy and golden-brown.

That leaves you with but two decisions. With what do you pair your bird? A nice white wine? A cold craft pint? One of our signature cocktails?

But, more importantly, how will you eat it: with your fork and your knife, or will you go full-caveman and eat it with your finger-licked hands?