Meatloaf is, as its name implies, made from meat and shaped…well, like a loaf of bread and, for a long time it’s been a dietary staple of the average American family because it simultaneously stretches your dollar and the ingredients in your pantry.

Made with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, it’s one of those make-it-with-whatever’s-on-hand, kitchen-sink dishes that almost always makes a great, fulfilling supper, as well as a great lunch the following day.

In other words, you really have to try really, really hard to screw up a meatloaf. It’s practically impossible. But just because it lends itself to pretty much everything doesn’t necessarily mean that making a mean meatloaf is a piece of cake.

To wit: sliced and served in pairs or trios, our Original Meatloaf is 10 ounces of ground beef, pork and (yes) veal, bound together with bread, eggs and mire poix, painted with a honied glaze, topped off with a roux-thickened brown gravy made from veal and chickens stocks and sprinkled with freshly cut chives.

Served to you with your choice of eight classic sides (shown here with bacon-braised kale), you might, by just looking at it, know full-well that there’s more than a good chance that, in order to save room for a boozy shake or a slice of pie, that you’re probably going to have to take home what you can’t finish.

Ergo: stretching that dollar. Because what’s better the following day (better even that cold pizza) than a cold meatloaf sandwich for lunch.

As people everywhere have known for centuries, not much.