Was it the Egyptians? Perhaps it was Mesopotamia’s ancient Sumerians or Babylonians.

All we really know is that thousands and thousands of years in the past, someone or somebodies figured out a way to make what we now all know and love as the fermented grain-born brew known as beer.

Skip ahead some scores of centuries and it’s possible to consider Portland—with its own Tigris-Euphrates river delta (where the Columbia meets the Willamette)—a sort-of microbrewer’s Mesopotamia.

This 21st-century Beervana is the destination for tens of thousands of enthusiastic pilgrims who travel to the city each year to attend  its many annual beer festivals, visit its 42-and-counting breweries and public houses, and to celebrate, in general, the Pacific Northwest’s abundant hops.

And of these many breweries to which Portland is home, one of the most is beloved is Cascade Brewing Company—brewing beer since 1998, and serving it up at their own public house, the Cascade Brewing Barrel House, on SE Belmont, since September, 2010.

And, as we well know, beer lovers love their hops. But sometimes a bitter, hop-heavy beer isn’t what one desires, especially—with warmer weather coming—after one’s just mowed the lawn.

So with this year’s festival season about to begin again, what better way to prepare for the summertime than by quaffing back Cascade Brewing Company’s Pale Ale, one of four seasonal rotating taps currently on draft at The Original.

Straw-colored, slightly cloudy and always crisp, this Pale Ale, made from German pilsner and noble hops, is best enjoyed when it’s hot outside—or whenever you’re thirsty.

So, Lo, we say unto thee, behold this beer’s golden splendor as you knock it back.