deschutes abyss stout

It comes but once a year and like the blossoming of the cherry tree, it lasts just a few short weeks, during which everyone you know is happy and gay. And then, in an instant, it’s over.

If you love beer, then you already know that one of brewing’s most prized holidays is the annual November release of Deschutes Brewerys Abyss, a chocolatey, licoricey Imperial stout that fills you up and, with an ABV of 11 percent, knocks you out.

For those of you pining away for the darkest days of winter, we say, in our commanding baritone, unto thee, “Come to The Original and slake your thirst for exceptional beer, for we have, for a limited time only, two full kegs of Abyss!”

Black as pitch, aged in pinot noir and bourbon barrels and as smooth as velvet, the Abyss is one of those very, very rare beers, in that you don’t choose one to pair with your meal. Rather, the beer chooses your meal, and it always chooses things both rich and complex.

Fortunately for us (and for you), our middle names are rich and complex. Pair your Abyss with our Braised Pork Shank, a savory Viking’s meal, served with fried apple fritters in a brown butter sherry sauce. Or perhaps you’d rather twist, in between sips, forksful of noodles from a creamy, hearty bowl of Beef Stroganoff?

By all means, come for the beer, but stay for the food.

And for those of you who die a slow death each year until November’s dark days blow once again in, your Thanksgiving beer is here. So get your pint or two of Abyss while you can, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

And for those of you who’ve never tried one, now’s your chance to taste what it is that you’ve all along been missing.