ORIGINAL DRAFTS: GRÄTZER Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Above most things, Oregonians—and Portlanders, in particular—prize a well-crafted IPA. And so far, they’ve given us what pretty much what we’ve wanted. But recently, in a competition to get their beer in your hands, each brewery seems to have developed a penchant for aggressively hopping those IPAs, sometimes double- and even triple-hopping them.

Fortunately, choices abound. And recently, we discovered a truly terrific Polish-style beer crafted by the folks at the fairly new Burnside Brewing Co., the eponymously named inner-eastside brewpub.

The beer, a limited-run seasonal ale their brewers call a Grätzer, is made with kölsch yeast, which is mixed with malted white wheat that’s been hand-smoked over mesquite and apple woods for half-a-day, giving the brew a uniquely toasted, slightly smokey flavor.

The result is an almost a perfectly balanced beer, clocking in at an ABV of 5.4 percent, and rating only 9 IBUs. Cloudy and reddish-gold in color, the Grätzer is neither too sweet, nor too bitter, and pairs perfectly with our BBQ Chicken, or our brined-smoked-and-fried BBQ chicken wings.

Needless to say, it piqued our interest, and when we tasted it, we were pretty much sold. So we ordered a barrel or two before we discovered that you, our beer-drinking patrons, love the stuff.

We’re glad to say that we’ve since then pre-ordered a bunch of batches, so we’ve got plenty of kegs on hand to meet your demand, but, as we mentioned before, it’s a limited-supply run, so you’re gonna have to get it while it lasts.

Na Zdrowie!