ORIGINAL DRAFTS: LSD Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Whether or not you think LSD (Lompoc Special Draft)—with its psychedelic marketing campaign—a cleverly named and promoted microbrew, there is one thing of which we are can all be certain: at almost 7 percent alcohol by volume, LSD takes you Further faster than most draft beers.

So, for a limited time only, belly up and take in one of Portland’s most enjoyed hand-crafted beers made by one of Portland’s most adored brewers.

Brewed in North Portland at Lompoc’s Fifth Quadrant industrial brewhouse,Lompoc Brewing‘s deep, dark brown ale, amply hopped and equally bitter, is made from six varieties of hops, seven different kinds of malt, and has a rather subtly complex smokey finish.

And in the end it’s the quintessential Portland beer: it’s made to be enjoyed anytime, but it’s the perfect beer best enjoyed when the spring clouds are slung low and the temperature holds temperately steady. Or during Happy Hour: our Happy Hour pints are $2 off.

So catch it while it lasts—our taps shall from this day forth be swapped frequently out. This means that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

But don’t worry. The brains behind the bar have a few ideas they’re looking to put in practice.