There are two things you can say with certainty about the brewers of the Pacific Northwest. They really like using lots of local hops, and they have a propensity to give their beers comparatively muscular, brooding names. Total Domination IPA. Proletariat Red. Sinistor Black Ale. These are just three local draft beers currently comprising our seasonally rotating handles at The Original.

The latter, however provides drinkers a reprieve from all that’s hop-heavy. Brewed at the 10 Barrel Brewhouse, a small-batch microbrewery in Bend, Oregon, Sinistor is made primarily from husked German black malt, which gives the beer its color, and its biscuity flavor, with just a hint of chocolate. A Sinistor is still, of course, brewed with hops, but with an IBU of only 28, the beer is, by more than a third, far less bitter than many Pacific Northwest India Pale Ales.

And it’s a beer enjoyed not only by locals, but largely by the country as a whole. Within three years of opening their doors and firing for the first time their fermentation tanks, 10 Barrel entered Sinistor in the free-for-all “‘Out Of’ Category for Traditionally Brewed Beer” at the annual Great American Beer Festival in Boulder, Colorado, and beat out more than 80 other national competitors to being home the Bronze Medal.

And while a Sinistor has a deceptive color reminiscent of a stout or a porter, it’s a relatively easy-to-drink beer with a light body and a refreshing aftertaste.

So stop by for Happy Hour and belly up with a Sinistor, and then stick around to enjoy one later by properly pairing it with a good, homemade dinner (with its brown butter-braised greens and its creamy macaroni-and-cheese sides, we suggest trying it with our 72-Hour Chipotle BBQ Beef Brisket).