ORIGINAL DRINKS: NUMI TEA Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Americans, and, in particular, we Pacific Northwesterners, love our coffee. And while the coffee culture of the great Pacific Northwest didn’t necessarily begin with Seattle’s Starbucks, it’s generally agreed that Starbucks evangelically brought to the Heartland and to the Plains and to the Midwest what the rest of the world considers “real” coffee.

Prior to that, we bought ground coffee in a can from our local markets, and we brewed our coffee at home. Often, we added a bit of milk or a lump of sugar to make our coffee more palatable.

And while Americans are considered industrious entrepreneurs, we must admit that we can sometimes be a little behind the global curve. While the entire rest of the world plays football, we play, in still small numbers, soccer—although more and more of us each year are playing it and watching it.

The other great secret that seems to be finally dawning on us is that tea, the world’s most popular beverage, is far more diverse in quality and origin than the orange pekoe we’ve been drinking for the last half-century.

That’s why we’re quite pleased to announce that all of our hot tea now comes from Numi, fair-trade distributors of organic, handpicked teas and herbal blends founded by a brother-sister team in late-1990s Northern California.

Specifically, Numi specializes in offering many fine teas that are only beginning to make inroads in this country.

Take green tea, for instance. Green tea isn’t a variety. It’s more of a genre, really, comprised of several varieties of teas of sometimes drastically differing characteristics. So the next time you’re in and you want to go green, taste the complexity of Numi’s Gunpowder Green, harvested from the tea trees of China. Of course, Numi still offers  favorites, standards and standbys, like Earl Grey and Breakfast Blend.

So have a seat, tell us your flavor, let it steep and listen in on the secret the rest of the world has long known.

And before you know it, we’ll all be calling soccer football.