While you’re fast asleep—hell, while we’re asleep—your chicken is cooking.

Rather, it’s being cooked. By whom, you ask? By us, remotely, from our beds, as we sleep and dream.

How, exactly? By a little technique introduced to the world by, whom else, the French.

All you need to make a chicken sous-vide is a chicken, a vacuum-sealed plastic bag, a low-temperature bath and a couple of days to let the bird to cook.

Why? Well, as everybody’s by now experienced, when you bake, roast or fry a chicken, what you get is something that’s equal parts perfect and equal parts dry. When you slowly cook a bird sous-vide, you get something that’s evenly cooked all the way through. You get something that’s perfect.

And it’s tastier, too. Because of the vacuum seal, the bird’s juices are preserved.

And our birds taste better than most, not just because they’re sous-vide, but because they’re imported to us by Mary’s Chickens, which prides itself on raising free-range, happy little birds from their Northern California farm.

So, once you bird’s been cooked—in this case, a half-bird, fully deboned—we rub it with paprika, black pepper and cayenne pepper, then lest is rest in a buttermilk bath.

Then we deep fry it for just a couple of minutes and plate it with a warm side of Spicy Kale Slaw and a ramekin of Buttermilk Chevre Dressing, made especially, and specifically, for this dish.

So, if you’re tired of chicken that tastes, as the old saying goes, like chicken (read: anemic, listless, dull), then we’ve got what you need and what your mouth wants.

Mary’s Fried Chicken, courtesy of the OG: The best fried chicken you’ll ever eat. And we mean that sincerely, with uncrossed fingers and hands over hearts.