To most of us in the United States, October means ghost stories, corn mazes and haunted homes. But above all, October has always meant one thing: CANDY!

But every long-distance runner in Portland knows that when the rubber meets the road, candy really is just kids’ stuff, and that the way to really test one’s mettle is to participate in—and finish—the running of the city’s annual marathon (this Sunday morning, 7am, October 7).

And whether you’re driving in from out-of-town, flying in from out-of-state or biking in from across the river, we want you to know that we at The Original are here for you.

Here’s how, in one word: Pasta.

Why pasta? Another word: Carbs.

So before you go take your marks, join us for dinner this Saturday night and give your body the fuel it needs for the big race.

Each night, we prepare daily pasta dishes. Sometimes they’re served with a nice, rich pomodoro Sometimes they’re serve with a subtle beurre blanc. They always comes meatless, but you can, of course, ask us to add to your carbs any protein of your choice.

And if you wondering, we can probably even just whip you up a second plate of noodles, plain-Jane, if that’s what you’re in to. But we should say that, like all things, you’ll be serving yourself best by practicing moderation, even when it comes to pasta. You can overload on carbs, you know.

Then, once your race has been run, why not swing back by and join your friends for a Bloody Mary and a big Sunday brunch spread? You will, after all, have earned yourself both.

Good luck out there this weekend. Be safe, but most importantly, have fun!