No matter how you cut it, twist it or dress it up, pasta, in its various shapes and sizes, has long been a pan-favorite of the world’s cultures for far more than a few centuries.

Its ubiquity lends itself to being one of the primary ingredients which we use to quietly celebrate the simplicities of everyday life.

And more than anything, perhaps, it’s universally versatile. You can serve it hot or you can serve it cold. You can serve it with a nice rich pomodoro or with a subtle beurre blanc. And, of course, you can serve it with or without meat.

At the moment, October is designated in the U.S. as National Pasta Month, and to help celebrate all things fettuccine, gnocchi and ravioli, we’re reaching into our bag of tricks to present to you a wide variety of pasta options, twice a day—at lunch, and at dinner.

But the best part is that you get to play a special part in helping how your community thinks about the food it eats. That’s because, for every dish of daily pasta you order, we donate $1 to Ecotrust’s Food & Farms Program, which fosters friendships between farmers and chefs, and places locally sourced food in public school lunchrooms.

And we think it’s such a good cause that we’ve made the decision to extend National Pasta Month beyond October’s 31 days.

So between now and the end of December, you can help us help a good local cause by rewarding yourself with something delicious and nutritious that will in turn reward your collective community.

Plus, the mere word pasta, and all the names by which it goes, are simply fun to say. Say “fusilli” or “ravioli,” and see if it doesn’t trigger in you some sort of smile.