ORIGINAL ENTREÉS: FISH ‘N’ CHIPS Friday, January 11, 2013

If it looks beige, that’s because it is.

But Fish ‘n’ Chips don’t taste beige—they’re perhaps the most comforting of all comfort foods, long served as a diner staple for as long as there’ve been diners.

And like they do at most diners, the fish in our Fish ‘n’ Chips* are made from filets of Cod—Pacific Cod, to be precise—and a healthy dose of French Fried Potatoes.

And while the taste of cod is not too fishy, it does, in fact, have a robust flavor, mostly because it is a robust fish. In other words, it’s a meaty fish, mostly because it’s a lazy fish—they float more often than they swim—meaning that it’s also a tender fish.

Plus, cod is good for you. And believe it or not, it despite this plate’s deep-fried lustre, it probably has fewer calories than so many other lunch offerings you can find anywhere else.

Served with this plate brimming full of crispy things is one ramekin of our housemade tartar sauce, but if you like to give yours a lemon squeeze or spritz them with malt vinegar, just ask, and we’ll fetch what you need.

*Served at lunch, only.