ribeye-steakIn the beginning, there was meat. Then, potatoes. And there they were: the basics, the core ingredients, the genesis from which all dinners would spring.

Burgers and fries are good—we love ’em!—but they are, in their way, greasy kids’ stuff.

And sometimes you just want to treat yourself to a proper grown-up spin on the old meat ‘n’ potatoes franchise.

And so let us (re)introduce: the Ribeye.

Clocking in at 14 ounces, grilled over an open flame until its outsides are charred and its insides are a red, red medium-rare, and capped off with a disc of herbed butter, our Ribeye steak, sourced from a ranch in nearby St. Helens, Oregon, is lined with a parenthetical ribbon of fat and is marbled throughout. That means no steak sauce, no gastrique. Just meat, cooked to perfection.

And then there are the potatoes. And since you can’t have meat without them, we’re pairing your beefsteak with a towering square of Potatoes Gratin, made with paper-thin potatoes shavings, bleu cheese and wild mushrooms, all topped off with our housemade fried onions.

And the best part? While our Ribeye will most certainly fill you up (14 ounces!), but it won’t unduly lighten your wallet. An almost full pound of meat at just under $30 is, by any measure, a steal!

So sharpen your knives, water your mouth and get ready for one of the best steaks in town.