chicken-dumplingsEvery family on every continent does Chicken & Dumplings, but few, if any, families do Chicken & Dumplings the way we do them.

First, we don’t really use “dumplings,” rather, we spend a little time each day rolling out, cutting and lightly grilling something a little more yummy: our specialty housemade Potato Gnocchi pasta.

And we don’t think one should cut corners on Chicken either. That’s why our fowl comes to us from Mary’s Chickens, which prides itself on raising free-range, happy little birds from their Northern California farm.

And in a nutshell, that’s all you really need. But why stop there? After all, we live in a region known for its bounty of winter root vegetables. So in with the chicken goes chops of butternut squash, yams, cipollini onions and, for good measure, some locally sourced chanetrelle mushrooms.

And because we think light golden broths are a summertime things, we make your winter chicken stock by roasting the darker parts of our happy little birds, simmering the whole shebang for a full 48 hours until the stock’s a deep, dark, earthy brown.

Got a winter cold, or simply got a case of winter blues? Let us ease your aches and pains with a wholesome bowl of chicken noodle soup-like Chicken and Dumplings.

Feeling fine? Well, you’ll feel even better once you get some in you, so come on in and get some in you.