We’re sorry, baby. We never knew it’d make you feel so blue. So we’re bringing it back. Because you asked. Because we hear you. Because we feel you.

We know you miss that Highland Oak Happy Hour Burger on those old Happy Hour menus. That’s why we’ve brought it back.

And let us tell you something else. Because we want you to know we that we mean what we say, we’ve brought back the Original Happy Hour Cocktail, too. And to show you we’re serious, we’re tripling down on it.

That’s right, baby. Our everchanging Daily Punch is always good, but you mean much more to us than just that. That’s why each and every Happy Hour, you can choose from three discounted specialty cocktails, including our tequila-driven Paloma, our Hemingway (like a Mojito, but real different, too) and the vodka-based Barb Daly (like a more inspired John Daly, which, itself, is really just an Arnold Palmer with booze).

And because we know how much home means to you, you can always join us each and every Wednesday night, where you can belly up to the bar and let Jessica, our Queen of Cocktails (and yours) guide you through the intricate world of locally made craft spirits. On our Homegrown Wednesdays, she’ll take something old and make it new again, just for you.

So forgive us. Let us make it all up to you. Come on in and let us make you a nice drink. Join us, because just look at you. You need to eat. You look like you could use some Poutine and some Scotch Eggs. Let us make you a towering, half-pound, grass-fed cheese burger.

Our new Happy Hour menu is our way of telling you everything’s gonna be alright.

Because it’s gonna be.