ORIGINAL EVENTS: NEW YEAR’S EVE Thursday, December 01, 2011


Even though so many people insist that it did, it never really went away. In fact, disco has simply been reimagined, repurposed and repackaged. All kinds of artists from a wide variety of musical genres have absorbed it, adopting, if not disco’s spirit, then at least its beat.

The reason behind it all is that, when you get down to it, disco transcends race, gender, sexual preference and just about everything else that some people maintain divides us.

And what better time to beat out the old and dance in the new than on New Yea’s Eve? That’s why we’re holding what we think is going to be one of liveliest and exciting NYE bashes in town with what we think is probably the world’s smallest dance floor. Still, there will be dancing. To Disco, with a capital “D.”

So if you’re still considering what to do at year’s end, consider this: $40 gains you entry to our exclusive retro-luxe loft, complete with a treehouse view of the downtown scene, where you’ll be treated to a variety of desserts made especially for you, as well as two cocktails and a glass of Champers with which to toast at the stroke of midnight.

And $10 of that will be donated directly to Ecotrust to aid them in their Food & Farms Program, which fosters friendships between farmers and chefs, and places locally sourced food in your public school lunchrooms.

RSVP by calling us at 503.546.2666, or see our host for more details.

And don’t forget. Bring comfortable shoes. Platforms will work in a pinch, too, though.