ORIGINAL EVENTS: PRIDE NW Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This week—and, as always, just in time for Father’s Day—Portland celebrates and honors the commitments and sacrifices made by the LGBTQ community who, since a late June evening in the late-1960s, stood up to the mob, stood up the police and, for the first time, really stood up to a society that had for too long marginalized and even criminalized them for simply being themselves.

Forty-two years later, the LGBTQ community has made giant steps in their fight for equality, but they’re not quite there yet.

That’s why, for the third consecutive year, The Original is pleased to be a proud sponsor of Pride NW, the organizing arm of Portland’s Pride Parade & Festival, a three-day celebration of of all things gay, which culminates on the morning of Sunday, June 19, with a city-wide parade that’s not to be missed.

Swing by our booth that weekend. We’ll be down by the riverside feeding Pride NW’s volunteers and giving you the opportunity to bed a hot model.


Seriously: we’re teaming up with the adjacent Courtyard by Marriott to invite the LGBTQ community and the friends and family to either “Get A Room!” or to “Take a Bite!” Wander over to our shared booth and jump in one of the Courtyard’s beds, where you you can have your photo taken with either a hot, hot, hot male or female model (or both, if that’s your thing).

And for a coup d’grace, ask our lovely, little resident weiner and Portland’s newest trivia maestro, Ashley Tramutolo, to join the public snuggle (that’s her, pictured, sprawled across a bed of dogs during our 2010 Hot Dog Eating Contest with our 2009 champion and Original regular, physical trainer, Tasia Bernie).

So get a room, take a bite and keep fighting the good fight!