When we give thanks In America, we don’t fast. We feast.

And then we watch TV.

That means every Thanksgiving, you’ve got football (if you’re lucky), animated political table talk (if you’re not) and, of course, turkey.*

But what are you to do if you’re traveling and unable to be home for the holidays? Or if you find yourself at loggerheads with your cousin because of how he votes and find yourself just wanting to watch the game in peace? Or maybe you can’t cook, or don’t want to, but still want to enjoy a Turkey Day dinner with your friends and family?

Well, that’s where we come in.

This Thanksgiving, from 2pm-7pm, we’re inviting you to settle into a comfy booth or a long table for our Thanksgiving Turkey “TV Dinner” spread.

In each one, you’ll find that coveted Turkey Breast, as well as a Confit’d Drumstick, a Terrine of Stuffing, Maple-Glazed Yams with Smoked Marshmallow, Green Bean Casserole with Funyun Rings, and, for dessert, a slice of either homemade Cherry of Pumpkin Pie. Plus the TV in the bar will be tuned to the game.

And if our Turkey Day dinner doesn’t float your Mayflower and you just want a cheeseburger and a beer, we’ll be offering that too, along with a limited selection of items from our usual menu, including familiar salad, fish and pasta options.

And remember, it’s not the Thanksgiving turkey’s tryptophan that wears you out. It’s the in-laws. That, and maybe the booze. So pace yourself, and have a Happy Holiday!

*Fun fact about turkey: Did you know that because Americans prize the white meat of the turkey breast, that nearly every turkey we’ll consume this year will result from seeds artificially sown? It seems that the breasts of farm-raised turkeys are so plump that the turkeys can no longer mate—those breasts, it seems, logistically prevents the birds’ traditional mating dance. True story.