Less than a year ago, the operators of a few local distilleriesstumbled onto a great idea. Instead of just promoting their spirits in liquor stores and online, why not take those spirits directly to the people.

And so, The West Coast Distillers Troupe Traveling Spirits Show was born. For the last several months, these distillers have been traveling the Pacific Northwest and setting up shop in local bars and restaurants, where they dream up specialty cocktails and answer all your distilling questions.

Think of it like a fashion trunk show, if those trunks were filled with booze, rather than fashion.

And now they show’s landing here. From 4:30-7:30pm, Wednesday, March 28, The Original will host four local spirit makers, including Bull Run Distillery (co-owned by the fella who brought us Medoyef vodka, and who will also be soon bringing us small batch whiskey, once it’s ready—it’s resting now), as well as the gin makers and vodkaologists from New Deal Distillery, the whisky bottlers and soon-to-be distillers at Big Bottom Whiskey, and the fruit brandy and rye whiskey distillers at Stone Barn Brandyworks.

As our lead bartender, Lee, says, “You will have the opportunity to meet the resident alchemists behind the stills, and get some insight into the pursuit of the ‘water of life.'”

Lee will be joining Kask’s Tommy Klus behind the bar, where together, they’ll craft for you and your friends several specialty cocktails featuring the spirits from all four distillers.

The best part? In a world of $10-and-up cocktails, this evening’s featured cocktails will run you only a couple Washingtons past a Lincoln (or just $7).

Always wanted to know how these companies go about bringing you the spirits that spike your favorite drinks?

Join us this Wednesday, and soak up some knowledge whilst giving the old elbow a bend or two.