ORIGINAL EVENTS: (WO)MAN vs. PIE Friday, September 21, 2012

100 Portlanders took a break from lunch yesterday to watch 9 other Portlanders cram as many homemade cherry hand pies as they could into their pie holes.

Here are the results.

In all, 100 pies were eaten. Which also means that between out 9 contestants, 30,000 food calories were consumed (!)…in just 10 minutes. One of our contestants even braved the sweet cream whipped topping dolloped on each pie and went for it, anyway (he’s lactose intolerant).

And the reason why? Because it was all for a good cause.

Every year, we donate all the money pledged to contestants to the charity of our choice and, this year, we chose to raise money for the Cascade AIDS Project (CAP), which aims to prevent HIV infections, empower people affected by HIV/AIDS and to eliminate the social stigma of those infected.

And you, Portland, responded. In all, from your on-the street, spur-of-the-moment donations, we raised in those 10 minutes a total of $403.25. And thanks to our Original staff (and the staff of the adjoining Courtyard By Marriott and the staff of our sister spot, Urban Farmer), we were able to add an additional $1,400 to that total by raising in-house pledges as an incentives to cheer on our own homegrown contest entries.

That bring’s this year’s totals to $1,807, which CAP will use to cover the costs of this year’s Annual AIDS Walk, which takes place downtown this Sunday.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that this year’s competitive eating champion was also last year’s winner (Wo)Man vs. Dog champion.

In 2011, Max Carnage (née Ryan Rodacker, pictured, standing), swallowed 11 hot dogs in 10 minutes. This year, he stuffed his face with 20 of those 100 pies consumed, making him the King of Eats two years in a row.

Nice work, Max.

And nice work, Portland. We asked for your help and you delivered. And because you donated money, we’re treating you all to a slice of pie that you can leisurely eat at a time of your convenience.

Thank you all! And we’ll see you at the Walk this Sunday!