It’s certainly not the oldest salad in the world and, much like the Caesar Salad, itself was born on the fly in the early days of the 20th century, the Green Goddess Salad has a storied history.

It is believed that the salad was born in the kitchen of a San Francisco hotel by a French-born chef believed to have created the salad and its eponymous dressing as a tribute to a British stage actor who was at the time touring the west coast.

It didn’t take long before the salad became celebrated and imitated in kitchens up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. And as it traveled inland, the dressing, a mayonnaisey concoction then underwent vast marketing and bottling campaigns.

But we know, and we think you’ll agree, that nothing tastes as good as fresh.

That’s why our Green Goddess dressing is made with fresh avocados and shallots, and is seasoned with tarragon, basil and cilantro, all of which is emulsified with olive oil and sherry vinegar.

The dressing is then tossed with cucumbers, red onions, sunflower seeds, avocado and hardboiled eggs over a bed of mesclun greens from nearby Millennium Farms.

Among the many ways one can enjoy this enduring classic are by ordering a whole dinner salad, a half lunch sized salad, or by pairing it with either a half of a sandwich or a cup of soup as part of our lunchtime Quik Combo.

It is, of course, vegetarian and can be made vegan, as well, if you request that we hold the eggs.

But the meat lovers out there should know that it also tastes just as great topped with either a grilled chicken breast or a flatiron steak.