ORIGINAL MEAT: THE DAILY DOG Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jim Thorpe played here. So did Satchel Paige. Both of these immortal legends were Portland Beavers. But just because there’s no Beavers baseball this year, doesn’t mean there’s no baseball at all. Besides, baseball, the most romantic of American teams sports, is a state of mind. And whether you and your friends have a team or not, baseball still manages to capture the imaginations of the very young to the very old just about everywhere.

With Opening Day just around the bend, The Original wishes to remind baseball lovers that each and every day we serve up what we call our Daily Dogs: architecturally complex and often absurdist creations dreamt up by the boys and girls in the back of the house.

There’s the simple Chili Cheese Dog (chili, cheese fondue), the Cobb Dog (lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon lardons), the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dog (just like it sounds) and the inevitable Poutine Dog (yup, this one’s sprinkled with French-fried potatoes and topped with cheese curds and brown gravy). We’ve even served a rather well-received, deep-fried Chimichanga Dog (pictured).

And the dogs are unusual (at least by our standards) in that they’re absent of pork (unless it, too, is sprinkled on). Rather, encased in each frank is a half-pound of Kobe beef (trust us, that sounds pretty big and it is, but now matter how big that sounds, it’s looks surprisingly even bigger that when it comes to your table).

The ever-changing Daily Dog available at lunch (it comes with your choice of either soup, salad or fries), or it can be ordered up during happy hour, making it the perfect fare for intrepid eaters dining alone or baseball fans looking to share something to snack on while watching a lazy summer night’s game on our flatscreen TV.

You can also follow us on Twitter, where find out what ingredients make up each day’s Daily Dog. And if it sounds good, skip breakfast. You’re going to want to save some room.