ORIGINAL MEAT: THE NY STRIP LOIN Friday, February 04, 2011

At 13 syllables and 10 ounces, our 28-Day Dry-Aged Carlton Farms NY Strip Loin is a mouthful and—you’ll find—a bellyful, too.

As its title implies, this “butcher’s choice” cut comes to us from our friends at Carlton Farms, located in the Yamhill Valley, just southeast of the city.

Over the course of the last 50 years, the artisans at Carlton Farms have mastered the art of handcrafted butchery. And they work with farmers, local and regional, who raise their cattle free of antibiotics to ensure that the meat we’ve chosen from them is raised with care.

And while that’s important (and it is), it’s not necessarily what gives the steaks we serve their singular texture and taste. That comes from the dry-aging process, during which the loins from which our strips are cut, are hung—somewhat literally—out to dry in climate-controlled coolers for a full four weeks. This process not only reduces the moisture in the beef, but breaks down its fibrous tissue, too, meaning that you enjoy a much more tender, flavorful strip.

To complement the strip’s refined flavor, we top it with just a pat of house-churned butter made with Spanish blue cheese, and pair it with a creamy side of garlic-sauteed spinach. And before it comes to your table, we garnish it with five Olympic-sized, buttermilk-soaked, beer-battered-and-fried onion rings.

Because we know that you just don’t want a good steak. You want a steak you’ll remember—a peerlessly prepared, properly grilled and thoughtfully paired steak. An inspired steak.

Now it simply remains up to you to determine at what temperature you want it cooked.