ORIGINAL PARTNERS: GO BOX Tuesday, December 02, 2014

smithflPicture Mt. Hood.*

Now imagine 50,000 reusable, hard plastic carryout GO Box shells stacked one atop the other. If you compare that stack’s height with Mt. Hood’s vertical majesty, you’d notice that GO Box’s stack is just a smidge higher.

Now imagine that prior to GO Box, that stack would be entirely made of unnecessary waste: Trash, really.

Scary huh?

Since it’s 2011 inception, GO Box—and its subscribers—has saved 50,000 disposable carryout boxes from the landfill. They do this by partnering with many of our downtown food carts whose owners send eaters away with reusable carryout boxes rather than disposable paper ones.

When the eaters are through with their GO Boxes, they drop it at a designated location so that they can picked up, transported and cleaned for reuse.

And you know who’s cleaning ‘em? We are. Well, us and two other establishments.

In fact, The Original was GO Box’s original washing partner.

Now imagine Mt. Hood and the (still growing) stack of GO Boxes. We’ve washed and helped put back in circulation half that stack. In other words, we’ve washed more than 25,000 reusable shells in the last three years.

Neat, huh?

Want more info? Here’s a by-the-numbers GO Box snapshot:

  • 2000 Portland subscribers
  • 75 downtown vendors
  • 30 corporate partners
  • 18 dollars per year for subscription
  • 6 public drop-off centers
  • 3 washing partners
  • 1 app on the way

*photo courtesy of FL Smith