Everybody: this is Monica. Monica Bautista. You most likely recognize her—she’s been with The Original since we’ve opened our doors and her face is among the first you’ll see when you join us for breakfast or lunch.

At present, she is our lead host and a supervisor. But that is only a part of who she is, really. Born in New Orleans, raised in Chicago and settled in Portland, Monica’s life outside work is like a seemingly run-on sentence of accomplishments.

This month, she graduates from Portland State University with a degree in Community Health Education. But she works for PSU, too.

She is (ahem): a student advisor and a general advisor to students in PSU’s Chicano-Latino Studies Program, meaning she’s in charge of the program’s marketing, website administration and social media streams; she design flyers and brochures; she’s actively involved in the program’s fundraising; and she even represents it at campus events.

When she’s not studying, working these various jobs or being a wife—sorry, boys, she’s happily married—Monica often travels throughout the continental U.S. as a volunteer for the U.S. Marine Corps’ LINKS program, a team-mentoring initiative designed to provide the spouses of Marines lessons in the Corps’ history, as well as other intangibles like what to do when a Marine is deployed, how to better communicate with that Marine and how to properly read a military paycheck.

Once she graduates, she plans on taking a sabbatical of sorts before she dual-enrolls in law school and public health school, which should put her on her proper career path—she wants to guide and help direct public health law and policy on a federal level.

Oh, and her favorite color is sapphire.

So the next time you join us, say, “Hi, Monica.” And don’t be intimidated—she may be formidable, but she’s super nice, too.