One of our favorite things, since the day we opened, has always been our Soda Jerk Program.

As our menu suggests, our bar is inspired by the traditional soda fountain and the soda jerks who ran them. That means we’ve concocted our own line of housemade sodas, made with natural ingredients to cure what ails you, whether you’re tummy aches or whether your free radicals are getting a bit too aggressive.

Needless to say, we also have a soft spot for the soda jerks who evolved into the pharma-bartenders who mixed, muddled, shook and stirred into their signature soda recipes the bitters, fruits and spirits that encouraged us to collectively celebrate our health, even as we  drank to it.

You’ve probably already tried at least one of our specialty sodas as is, or even one of the cocktails we’ve built around them, including our Five Flower (Flora Fizz), Honey Grapefruit (Paloma), Lemongrass Tonic (Tom Collins) Sarsaparilla (Sin in Sioux City) sodas.

But if you haven’t seen us in a while, our talented team of soda jerks went and dreamt up a couple of keepers.

Everybody likes Lemonade, but one thing that trumps it is a fine Rhubarb Lemonade, which we make by simmering together chopped rhubarb, orange blossom water, red wine vinegar and the rinds and juices from freshly squeezed lemons. Add a shot of vodka and you’ve got what we’re calling a Barb Daly, like a John Daly, but better, and far superior still to the temperate Arnold Palmer that spawned it all.

If you’re not in the mood for that, how about something orange and fizzy? Our Tangerine soda, like the Pink Lemonade, is a concoction of natural ingredients, all of which is boiled, simmered, steeped and into a simple syrup comprised primarily of tangerine, lime and lemon juices.

But what can you do, really, with an orange drink? Add a shot of vodka? Perhaps. A shot of whiskey. Probably not. We’re choosing instead to use it as the base for our re-imagined egg flip, our frothy, Pisco Soury Tangerine Dream.

Feeling down? Feeling blue? Come see our pharma-bartenders, tells them your symptoms and see if we can’t lift your spirits and lower your blood pressure, whether you skip the booze or not.