If you don’t know us, there’s an awful lot of myths and legends that come to mind in the ways in which outsiders consider Portlanders or, in general, Oregonians.

For instance, we’re comprised of a very, very broad range of activists. Of course, we love our bicycles—and our unicycles—and our beer. We love our comprehensive public transportation program. We’re home to several world-class universities, the heavily inked and the handlebar mustache. The state was once chosen by the Rajneesh, himself, and it was in Portland that the infamous Gary Gilmore spent his formative years. We also have—you may have heard—our own primetime cable sketch comedy, as well as some of this country’s finest drinking water.

And, if you’ve turned on the Food Network any time in the last five years, you know that we’re gastronomically adventurous—and that we love bacon.

But despite our colorful past and the animated ways in which we express ourselves, one of our greatest secrets is our quiet simplicity.

Because we’re also made of farms and vineyards and sometimes we just want something unadulterated from the earth itself.

Our Oregon Salad is our tribute to that simplicity. That’s why we mix into a bed of Oregon-grown greens, farm-fresh Oregon staples like beets, pears and hazelnuts. Add into it a little bit a chevre and dress it in a sherry vinaigrette and you pretty much have what Oregon tastes like.

And the best thing is, is that it comes in a variety of ways: you can have a full-sized dinner salad, ha half-sized lunch salad or you enjoy one as part of our lunchtime Quik Combo deals.

In whatever way you choose it, The Original’s Oregon Salad tastes like home to us and, if you’re from afar, it just might persuade you to set your sights on the Great Pacific Northwest.