This ain’t no blackjack, and for only the most intrepid among us, bets will, in fact, be hedged. Whether you win or lose is in your hands, but it all depends on how you define both “win” and “lose.”

In this case, “winning” could mean cleaning your plate of food. Conversely, “winning” can also mean not clearing your plate.

With permission to speak, frankly, here’s the deal. This thing is a ham and gruyère cheese sandwich. But, in a clear nod to the fast food chicken giant’s sando of the same name, our Double Down has, instead of the inevitable parenthetical slices of bread holding the whole thing together, two flatly and tenderly pounded Panko-encrusted deep fried chicken breasts in the places where the bread should be.

It’s certainly not the healthiest sandwich on our menu. Let’s face it, its a slice of cheese and a lot of meat.

Of course, something so savory is going to need to be paired with a rather formidable sauce. In this case, it’s our housmade honey mustard—made with (obviously) honey and whole mustard seeds—to which we add a host of secret spices, all of which is then soaked for 24 hours in a bath of malt vinegar and beer.

Of course, like all our sandwiches, it comes with your choice of either one of our two daily soups, a side (sic) salad, but, honestly, really, it’s probably best paired with French fries, because why not?

So order one for lunch. Order one at dinner. If you’re simply curious, try one as an appetizer for the whole table. Or just go for it by unbuilding the entire thing and taking home the portions you don’t eat. It doesn’t have to be eaten in the classic sandwich style, after all.

But if you really want to impress your date, order one up with a side of Poutine, clean your whole plate and then wash it all down with a Bacon Maple Milkshake. That’ll show you them that you mean business—depending, of course, on how you define “business.”