ORIGINAL SANDOS: THE BLAT Friday, April 20, 2012

What makes a BLT one of the world’s most enduring and beloved sandwiches (especially in both Britain and the U.S.)?

It’s not the tomatoes, the lettuce, the aioli or even the bread, although making sure that all of these ingredients are of the highest quality certainly won’t hurt.

What makes a BLT a great sandwich, is, of course, the bacon.

Swap out those crispy strips of smoky, salty goodness for another meat and you’ve got what’ll be considered by most a pretty boring sandwich (sorry chickens and turkeys, but you’re just too blah to properly mingle with the sandwich’s subtle flavors).

And our BLT, classic and nearly archetypal, is made with thick slices of tomatoes, crispy sheets of butter lettuce and our housemade shallot aioli, all of which is sandwiched, with the bacon, between two crisply toasted slices of freshly baked como bread, courtesy of Grand Central Bakery. Como, for those who may be asking, is basically white bread, but an artisan white bread in the rustic Italian tradition.

But there is one way to differentiate your archetypal BLT from its peers, and that’s by transforming it into a BLAT, which means to it adding several thick slices of avocado, which may be high in fat, but it’s the kind of fat that’s good for you and your ticker.

Not worried about your ticker, and still think is needs a little extra push, that little extra something?

Why not order a BLAST, as does one of our regulars—the S, in this case, designating cheese, Swiss cheese.