original-dinerant-portland-dining-chicen-cobb-sandwichLet’s face it. On its own, chicken can be pretty boring. It can, in fact, be so boring that its flavor has inspired the generic phrase—”tastes like chicken”—to describe the flavors of a variety of more exotic meats (snakes, rabbit, frog’s legs).

You can, of course, jazz up a chicken’s flavor through a variety of methods, but you can’t deep fry you way out of every quandary, can you?

Consider the healthier, but far more lusterless lunch-and-sometimes-dinner favorite: the grilled Chicken Sandwich. Can the usual fixins (mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion) really complement and augment this diner staple?

We don’t really think so either. That’s why we’ve taken a page from our very own book. You’ve all eaten a Cobb Salad. Well, get ready for the Chicken Cobb Sandwich.

As we’ve already show, you can pretty much Cobb anything—we’ve already Cobbed an Omelet and, occasionally, we Cobb our Daily Dogs—so why not Cobb a Chicken Sandwich?

On the surface, it might appear that we all we’ve really done to the classic chicken sando is add two thickly cut strips of bacon and half an avocado to the usual fixins of tomato and shredded Romaine lettuce.

But notice that we skip the onion (a blasphemous ingredient for a Cobb Salad) and choose not to simply dress it with mayo (yawn), but to dress it with something with a little more zing: our housemade blue cheese aioli.

And while we think there is almost nothing more ideal than a sesame seed bun to sandwich any burger, we’ve decide that the Chicken Cobb needed something a little more. That’s why we’re sandwiching it with a fresh Grand Central Bakery ciabatta roll.

The only thing we’ve left out is the Cobb Salad’s inevitable, edible egg.

But if you’re up for it, you can, as always, fully Cobb your Chicken Cobb Sandwich by requesting that we fry one up for to top it all off.

And that is not boring.