The problem with Chili Cheese Fries is one of integrity. They always seem to promise that they’ll be so good, but if you take even a small break from them to catch up with your friends or family, you return to a plate that’s too often, simply put, a mess. The chili cools, the cheese congeals and the fries grow as soggy and as limpid as a bowl of toddler’s cereal. In the end, they often turn into a brick that you or your tablemates cannot, or refuse to, finish.

Well, at The Original, we think we have that beat, and we think you’ll agree that our Chili Cheese Fries are among the best, if not the best, you’ve every had.

The trick is easy really, and it comes down to one simple rule: use good ingredients.

Our fries? Well, they’re fries, but we top them with a Texas-style (or beanless) chili made from, among other things, onions, garlic, chipotle chiles, whiskey, sherry vinegar, ground beef from Highland Oaks Farm and, of course, tomatoes.*

But our real coup d’grace, our true secret, is our cheese. And really, all we do is melt down some Tillamook cheddar in some milk and some cheap beer, until we have a perfectly balanced fondue.

Next time you’re in for Happy Hour, order a plate for your table. Or try it in other ways: we serve cups and bowls of the chili, daily during lunch, and, whenever you order a burger, you can always upgrade it and pair it with (yep) a side of Chili Cheese Fries. In whatever way you have it, you will be provided extra napkins.

Seriously. Chili Cheese Fries too often sound like they’ll hit the spot, but then they prove too often to be too difficult to eat. Order up a plate of ours and see if we haven’t solved this gastronomic dilemma.

*Warning: Beware. This product contains pork, specifically, bacon.