ORIGINAL SPIRITS: ANITA COCKTAIL Saturday, December 15, 2012

Anita-CocktailBefore you pour for your child or your spouse that morning glass of OJ, consider this: that thing you’re tasting? It ain’t from oranges. Rather, It’s from a grip of chemicals cobbled together to trick your tongue into thinking that what its tasting is freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Truth is, it’s likely that your freshly squeezed “orange” juice has been sitting around for as long as a year in airtight vats, which completely zaps it of its natural flavor.

That’s where the corporate scientists come in, magically turning some ordinary chemicals into “oranges.”

But we all know by now that if you can’t pronounce the words listed on every list of ingredients, then those ingredients, they just ain’t real.

But you wanna know what is? Our Spiced Orange Soda, made with all-natural ingredients, like cinnamon sticks, juniper, elderflower, pink peppercorns and the zest and juices peeled and squeezed from—that’s right—a dozen oranges.

So you want something real to pair with your eggs and toast? Ask for a glass of our Spiced Orange Soda.

But sometimes, though, even with breakfast—and always with brunch—you need a cocktail. And when you do, simply tell us, “Anita Cocktail,” and we’ll adulterate your Spiced Orange Soda with a dash of lemon, a flamed orange twist and a shot of the premiere winter liquor: Vodka.

Think of it like a Screwdriver, imaginatively executed.

But the best part is, Anita Cocktail’s not just a part of a balanced breakfast—it also makes a nice nightcap to warm you up before you slip beneath the sheets for a long winter’s nap.

So when you need a cocktail, get a cocktail: An Anita Cocktail.

And remember: If it’s orange but don’t have no belly-button, it ain’t an orange. Rather, It’s a godless impostor. Don’t be fooled. Say, instead, “Anita Cocktail!”