ORIGINAL SPIRITS: MIMOSA Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day. It feeds the body, and the body feeds the mind. And no matter what else they say, know this: Hair of the Dog might relax the body and (the mind) after a long night of too much fun, but it does not necessarily do a body good.

Now that we’ve said that, we still know that sometimes you gotta celebrate. And sometimes simply being awake and alive is reason enough to do it. And if you must celebrate (musn’t you, after all?), is there not one vodkaless morning cocktail that perfectly pairs with eggs and toast? Of course, there is.

Everybody knows that a Mimosa is made with but three things: equal amounts of Sparkling Wine and Orange Juice, and a flute from which to sip it.

Unlike its barrel-chested cousin, the Screwdriver, Mimosas are delicate and playful, and because they’re not too potent, they can be consumed in plurality, without leaving you legless.

Best enjoyed during those elliptical conversations over leisurely late-morning brunches, there’s nothing quite like this whimsical punch cocktail to put a spring in your Sunday step.

So, when there’s a need to raise a glass and toast your friends, your family or just even the day’s beginnings, we’ll we’ve got plenty of Orange Juice, Sparkling Wine and flutes.