The prickly pear gets its name from the thorns that grow from its skin. Thing is, it’s not a pear. It’s a cactus, and once its thorns have been plucked and its skin has been peeled, it’s a tasty and healing ingredient that livens up dishes south of, and just north of, the border.

Like the prickly pear, the Prickly Peach is also not what it seems. In fact, its prickly thorns are metaphorical, although its fruitiness is literal. It’s also a tasty and healing way to celebrate the end of a long hump day.

That’s why the Prickly Peach is our most recent Homegrown Wednesday cocktail, a dog-days-of-summer elixir made with local ingredients, and dreamt up by Original cocktailier Jessica Braasch.

So what makes a Prickly Peach prickly?

A generous shot of New Deal Distillery’s Hot Monkey Vodka, a locally crafted spirit fermented with a hint of cinnamon and five classified, top secret chiles that are native to the Southwestern United States and which give this drink its subtle, and not unpleasant, sting.

And because this month is National Peach Month, our pastry team has conjured up for our spirits team a special housemade soda jerk soda mixer—a housemade Peach not-so-simple Simple Syrup—and it doesn’t get any more homegrown than that.

Shake it all up, pour it over some rocks, adorn it with a freshly sliced lime wheel and you’ve got a seasonal cocktail that’s regional and, like all Homegrown Wednesday cocktails, and depending upon how quickly you consume them, ephemeral.

If the Prickly Pear sounds yummy, then swing by tomorrow and ask Jessica to shake up this refreshing drink that’ll help you summon once more summer’s fading heat before it’s gone for good.