ORIGINAL SPIRITS: RUE DU BOIS Sunday, August 19, 2012

This last summer here in Portland hasn’t been a long one, but it has been a hot one, especially these last few weeks.

But according to the calendar (and the forecast), it appears to be on its last legs.

So we invite you, in a “We’ll always have Paris” kind of way, to fondly remember these last few months by knocking back our Rue Du Bois, an Original interpretation on the timeless French 75, and the most recent installment in our Homegrown Wednesdays Cocktail Series.

Our Rue du Bois—a français nod to our street address—is comprised of all the familiar ingredients you’d find in a standard French 75, including local gin (New Deal Distillery’s No. 3 Gin), regional sparkling wine ( Secco Italian Bubbles, courtesy of Italy via Walla Walla, Washington) and lemon juice, freshly squeezed.

But, as is our habit, our pastry and spirits departments have teamed up to give our Rue de Bois that little something more: a housemade elderflower cordial that twists this classic just so.

I’s like an effervescent hard lemon candy for adults, served up with a lemon wheel float, that, appropriately, gives your tongue just a teeny, tiny, bitter little kick at the end.

In other words, it’s cold, classy and refreshing. Plus, it’ll give you a little something by which to remember us, before sending your kids back to school.