ORIGINAL SPIRITS: SINATRA Monday, December 10, 2012

SinatraThe Old Fashioned may be the oldest American cocktail, but the most elegant and sophisticated of all American sippers is, hands down, the Martini.

And like other great American inventions, Martinis, like jazz standards, are open to interpretation and reinterpretation—there is no Moses who descends from the mountaintop to tell us that Martinis must be made just so.

So when you’re feeling elegant and sophisticated, what’s a guy—or a doll—to drink? Do you ask for that Martini, or do you lean hard on the Scotch? What would Sinatra do?

Well, to that we say: why choose, when you can have both?

Our signature Sinatra cocktail looks like a classic Martini—the vodka‘s there (courtesy of the distillers at Bend, Oregon’s Crater Lake), and so are the obligatory olive pair (stuffed, in this case, with our garlic-confit’d farmhouse cheese).

But we up the ante by giving the glass a Caol Ila Scotch rinse, and, just to take the edge of those smokey, peaty notes, we spritz it with a misting of absinthe.

So let us be, in a manner of speaking, your “wingman”—and before you take a spin on that dance floor, swing by The Original and fuel up on our local version of the classic cocktail.

It’s sure to get those feet moving, and your lady—or your gent—will thank you.