ORIGINAL SPIRITS: TEARS OF ISIS Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of, well, just about everything: the sick, the well; the rich, the poor; lonely orphans and esteemed politicians.

She is the Goddess of magic and, in a nutshell, motherhood. She is, in essence, Mother Nature, herself and, it was once believed, that the waters that each year flooded the River Nile came from her tears, as she openly wept over the death of her beloved husband, Osiris (who also happened to be, before they got hitched, her brother).

Skip ahead countless centuries and her tears are known now as the flowers that bloom on the resilient verbena plant, which for thousands of years were considered to engender supernaturally healing powers.

To a modernist, then, the essence of verbena, we’ve come to realize, is not surprisingly, best used as a mixer with booze. And so, we present to you our very own Tears of Isis, a sort-of sister-cousin to the the Caipirinha (a cocktail the Brazilians make with sugar, freshly squeezed lime juice and the rum-like and sugarcane-fermented liquor they call Cachaça).

Basically, we build you up, from the rocks, a Caipirinha, which we then mix with our housemade and vermillion-colored lemon-verbena soda.

Citrusy, sweet and a little tart, the Tears of Isis is the perfect drink to either refresh yourself on, or cap off, a perfect summer’s day.

So the next time you have a perfect summer’s day, drop by and try one and see if it doesn’t make your day even better.

And don’t forget: by trying the Tears of Isis, you’ll have earned yourself a “country visited” on our Cocktail and Soda “Passport” challenge.