ORIGINAL SPIRITS: THE AVIATOR Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Now comes the season of soggy clouds, which, literally, are upon us.

So to celebrate it (if that’s the proper word), our local take on the classic Aviation cocktail—originally named for it’s blue color long before its recipe was toyed with, stripped of ingredients and modernized over the years—is, in a word, cloudy, but no less delicious than its original prototype.

Comprised of lemon juice, maraschino cherry liqueur and, to give it a neighborhood feel, Aviation Gin, crafted by the folks at House Spirits on Southeast Portland’s Distillery Row, our latest Homegrown Wednesdays cocktail is crisp like an autumn day and refreshing like a spring one.

So join us this Wednesday and forget all about the summer that was, with its hot, hot heats and its cloudless, chem trail-filled skies, and just let fall be its cloudy self.

The Original’s Aviator: It’s gin. And lemon juice, mellowed with the essence of maraschino cherries, served up, and garnished with a flamed twist, which gives this piney, lemony drink an ever-so-slightly spicy finish that playfully bites the tip of your tongue.

And remember: just because its gloomy outside doesn’t mean that it’s got to be gloomy inside. So try our homegrown Aviator cocktail, and drink away those figurative clouds.