Maybe you’re one of those people who waits with increasing impatience for the bacon revolution to quietly and permanently come to an end. After all, it is kind of silly, right? Bacon This and Bacon That.

And if you are among the skeptics, consider but this one important thing: foodies know that bacon always makes everything taste better, whether it comes with your eggs and toast, or whether it’s laid in strips atop your cheeseburger.

How many other edible can do that? Cheese? Certainly. But is there, really, anything else that makes food taste exponentially better than bacon?

And that’s why—no lie—our Bacon Maple Milkshake is most likely the best milkshake you’ll ever had.

And like the best love songs, this milkshake is incredibly catchy and simple—as it’s name implies, it contains a mere three ingredients: vanilla ice cream, baked bacon bits and maple syrup.

So trust, and see for yourself why the bacon revolution is only getting started.

And just to sweeten the deal: do you know what makes the already perfect Bacon Maple Milkshake even more perfect? A shot of bourbon. Because, like bacon and cheese, bourbon makes everything better.