ORIGINAL SPIRITS: THE BROWN DERBY Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Horse races, hats, wheels of cheese, famous roadside attractions and demolition and roller smash-’em-ups. We’re talking famous derbies. But there’s a not-so-famous and too-oft neglected derby out there that we feel deserves your attention, and we’re making it for you, for one day, only with as many local ingredients as we can muster.

So let use reacquaint you with our take on the classic Brown Derby cocktail, a magically bracing drink that’ll give your a momentary and necessary reprieve from mid-autumn’s wet leaves and brisk, blustery winds.

Two parts bourbon (in this case, a couple of jiggersful of Big Bottom Whiskey’s small batch, rye-heavy honeysuckle bourbon) and one part freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, followed with a splash of hand-made honey simple syrup with a grapefruit twist, our Brown Derby is a mellow sipper that’ll take the edge of the most trying of days.

But be warned that it tastes a little dangerous, too, because it’s okay, honeyed yums might make consider doubling down on wetting that whistler.

So come on in today and have one—or two—and see if this classic drink isn’t worth hanging your hat on.