There are lots of ways to make a Castaway. Some recipes call for vodka. Some call for rum. Some even call for both. Many are made with banana juice, and others are garnished with a sliced wedge of pineapple. Or orange. Or lemon. Or all three.

But the discerning know that the best cocktails are often the simplest (The Cuba Libre, The Martini). In fact, almost as a rule, the fewer ingredients, the better.

Our Castaway at The Original has but three ingredients (four if you count the rocks): Rum, freshly squeezed Lime Juice and our housemade Ginger Mint Soda.

It doesn’t get any simpler than rum and lime juice, but it’s our Castaway’s third ingredient that really gives it its depth.

To prepare this specialty soda, we mince some ginger and add to it lemon juice, lemon zest, kosher salt, mint, sugar and water, the result of which we then simmer, strain and chill.

In a way, our Castaway is not unlike a gingery Mojito. It tastes like the drink you want in your hand as you shade yourself from the midday sun beneath your beach umbrella. It tastes like sunshine. And, in its own way, it even has some healing properties—the ginger and the mint are both really good for the belly.

Well, it’s good for you only if you omit the booze. But what fun would that be?

So come on in and celebrate your health as you toast it.