ORIGINAL SPIRITS: THE COPA Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What do you get when you cross the Rat Pack, the now-defunct Sands Hotel, Don the Beachcomber and Communist Hungary with rum, and a spritz of absinthe served with a cherry on top?

Well, you get one of our newest rum-based specialty cocktails that we’ve named the Copa, in honor of the Sands room in which the Rat Pack often performed.

Inspired initially by Don the Beachcomber’s Test Pilot Tiki cocktail made famous during the ramp-up to WWII, the Copa both honors and twists the inventor’s original intentions—comprised mainly of rums, both light and dark, it also features the nutty, clovey, cloudy, opaque distilled cane sugar liqueur known as John D Taylor’s Velvet Falernum.

To the Falernum and the rums—Flor de Caña, a light Nicaraguan extra dry, and Smith & Cross, a Jamaican-style rum produced in London—we mix in splashes of lime and grapefruit juices with a taste of Zwack, a potent Hungarian liqueur made from a Zwack family recipe at a family-run distillery that managed to impressively survive both a WWII firebombing and the subsequent 50-year nationalization by Hungary’s former Communist government.

When the Copa’s many ingredients are all mixed together, we spritz it with a trace amount of Pacifique Absinthe, and serve it tall with an Amarena cherry on top.

So if you like all things anise, try the Copa. You’ll love it.