These days, catching a glimpse of the ice cream man is like catching a fleeting glimpse of an ivory-billed woodpecker’s red crest or the the tentacles of a giant squid. That is to say, the ice cream man is now rather uncommon, an urban legend, a rumor, a ghost.

And for a variety of reasons of which stranger-danger is likely most paramount, the ice cream man is now invariably an ice cream woman. But fear not sentimentalists, her arsenal remains the same. She might’ve swapped out her truck to pull her frozen cart by bike, but you’ll always know she’s near by the flock of gamboling children clambering to find, beg or borrow enough spare change to purchase a quick treat of something sweet.

At The Original, we’ve concocted a new sort of time machine, one that lets you relive those careless days of loose change, Double Dutch and carousels, without the relentless and unending chimes of ragtimey musical loops.

Introducing The Original’s Creamcicle, the newest of our summer cocktail creations, made by shaking together a shot of Stoli Vanilla Vodka and a splash of the simple syrup used to make up our housemade Orange Creme Soda.

Served up in a Martini glass, garnished with a crema of heavy whipping cream and peppered with freshly ground Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Hair Bender blend, this sweet summer drink will take you back to when you were a 10-year-old child, innocent, dreaming and as yet-untroubled by the looming inevitability of growing up and older.

Try one today and see for yourself if you can almost taste the summers of your youth.