original-dinerant-portland-dining-gin-fizzTo make a solid Gin Fizz, you need only four ingredients (the titular gin, of course, lemon juice, sugar and soda water).

But the key ingredient needed to make a great one is the power to channel both your imagination and your sense of play. And we think we have a natural knack for making really good things better.

We think the key to making a truly great Gin Fizz is to flip it, literally and figuratively, by cracking an egg, unyoking its whites, and using them to give the Fizz a frothy, foamy texture.

But the real key to making a great flipped Fizz even better is to give it two shakes: a vigorous and lengthy “dry” shake, to emulsify the gin and citrus with the whites, and a “wet” shake with ice to chill them all.

But the realest key is to spritz it by swapping out its soda water finish for a healthy splash of sparking white wine for the perfect seasonal summer cocktail.

And at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it’s possible to best something that’s already been bested if you use the best ingredients.

That’s why our Gin Fizz Flip, another of our Homegrown Wednesday Cocktails, is comprised of the finest, locally sourced ingredients, including New Deal No. 3 Gin (with its honied, juniper-berried notes), Clear Creek Cassis Liqueur (a tart brandy made with black currents harvested in nearby Scio), as well as the aforementioned bubbles, courtesy of Secco Italian Bubbles, from our cousins in Washington’s Walla Walla Valley.*

Shake it up, shake it again, strain it all into a champagne flute and finish it with a spritz and you have a summer cocktail that’s as pretty to taste as it is to see.

*Sure: Walla Walla’s not Portland, but sometimes we have to make exceptions to our Homegrown rule, especially when those exceptions are exceptional.