ORIGINAL SPIRITS: THE MAD MULE Tuesday, October 09, 2012

moscow mule multnomah muleThe trees are blushing, and why shouldn’t they? They are performing their annual strip tease.

But the coming winter rains have yet to fully undress them, which means we can still cling, like the last of those leaves, to what is left of what still feels a little bit like summer.

So swing by this Wednesday, for one day only, and put your money where your nostalgia is, by ordering up, one last time, our take on the most refreshing of summer cocktails: the Moscow Mule.

Normally, this Sputnik-era mixer consists of vodka, lime juice and, for some bubbly effervescence, ginger beer.

But we like to lean local. That’s why our Mad Mule is comprised of Medoyeff Vodka, distilled by craftsmen right here in our fair city, as well as our very own ginger soda, composed, steep and cooled by the magicians in our pastry department, right here in our very own kitchen.

Add some lime juice, a soda spritz, and pour it all over a bucket of rocks, and you’ve got the perfect bracer to give summer its last kiss goodbye.