Carrie Bradshaw drank them. So did Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty. And so do the the islanders of Föhr—the most populous North Sea isle in the archipelago west of the German coast. In fact—and no one really knows exactly why for sure—it’s their drink of choice.

And, as with all classic cocktails, the Manhattan‘s authorship has been claimed by many. Its urban legends and creation myths are legion and, because so, the veracity of all claims are ultimately unknowable and invariably untrue.

What we do know is that the Manhattan is one of the quintessential American cocktails, dreamt up on the island that bears its name (or so we think) in the latter half of 19th century.

Since it is a drink known for its simplicity, honoring its recipe is an easy tradition to respect. At The Original, we make our Manhattan without the aid of any bells, beeps or whistles.

First, the bourbon: for our foundation, we’ve chosen Buffalo Trace, a relatively young and fresh straight Kentucky bourbon made in the country’s oldest known distillery. Then we add to it the required augmentary dashes and splashes: Grand Marnier, Angostura bitters and sweet vermouth. Stir, and serve up in a cocktail a glass that’s been garnished twicely—first by letting drop and sink to the bottom one rich and delicious Amarena cherry, and then again with one thickly sliced floating rind of orange.

The Manhattan: both masculine and glamorous. Try one tonight and know why—after almost 150 years or enjoyment—this timeless cocktail has never once gone out of style.