Original Spirits: The Martini

Original Spirits: The Martini Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More than any other drink, the Martini is considered the definitive American cocktail. It’s smooth and sophisticated and—like so many American inventions—it lends itself to considerable reinvention. Borrowing from the Smokey Martini, our Original Vodka Martini blends the old with the new, and the global with the local.

First, we rinse the traditional cocktail glass with a trace or two of Scotch (Laphroaig, Islay single malt, aged 10 years). Then we fill it with chilled and shaken New Deal Vodka, distilled right here in Portland, just across the river. To finish it all off, we serve it up and garnish it with a (figurative) twist—a pair of olives, stuffed with Smoked Maldon Sea Salt imported from the U.K., and certified-organic Farmhouse Cheese from Noris Dairy, located in nearby Crabtree.

The cheese is perfect, neither too soft, nor too firm. The vodka, cool, crisp and light. The Scotch rinse, subtle, but suggestive.

Like all well-crafted cocktails, our Original Martini is discerning, discreet and—as good drinks should be—pleasantly surprising.

Try one—try two—on your next visit.