moscow mule multnomah muleOf all the old-fashioned cocktails, one of the oldest, and arguably the simplest, is the Mule.

Indeed, the ingredients needed to make a proper one number three—and one of those ingredients is lime juice. Of the remaining two, you need only ginger beer and whatever spirit you wish to drink.

There are Kentucky Mules (made with bourbon), Three-Legged Mules (made with Jameson Irish Whiskey) and Mezcal Mules (whose smokey secrets lie in its name).

But the most popular of them all is the Moscow Mule (mixed with vodka) and made, no doubt, exponentially more popular by the ringing endorsement of Oprah Winfrey (it’s her favorite, favorite cocktail).

A Moscow Mule, to fusionistas, is something of a conundrum. A purist of, course, would say leave the drink as is. But a progressive cocktailer might think, “Why not instead twist it just so?” so that what results is a summery, refreshing drink that tastes both familiar and surprisingly different?

That’s how our Wednesday night bartender, Jessica Braasch, sees it. Each Wednesday night, Jessica reimagines a classic cocktail and celebrates it by stirring it up with locally produced ingredients as part of our Homegrown Wednesdays program.

One of her favorites so far, and just in time for summer, is the Multnomah Mule, made with New Deal vodka, distilled just a stone’s skip across the river.

But in lieu of ginger beer, Jessica favors New Deal’s Ginger Liqueur, made with, of course, ginger, sugar and what the folks there call “unspecifiedspirits.'”

Stirred together over ice in glass of bobbing, floating, thinly sliced limes, and you’ve got a insightfully twisted and artfully presented take on a classic drink that still echoes its traditional roots.

When the sun is high, come on in and see if our Mule isn’t among the tastiest you’ve had.

The Original’s Homegrown Wednesday Multnomah Mule: Ask for it by name.