ORIGINAL SPIRITS: THE OG FASHIONED Wednesday, December 26, 2012

OG-FashionedDancing about architecture is pretty silly, right?

But what if you erect your building with walls made of sweet, sweet booze—or even better, sweet, sweet Kentucky whiskey?

Couldn’t that make one, eventually—and, in some cases, quite literally—dance one’s pants off?

Well, that’s the idea, anyway, especially when you’re building a monument to what most consider the world’s original cocktail.

We start ours the way its founders intended, by laying a  foundation made up of a dash of sugar and some drops of bitters (Angostura, of course), which we souse with the juice from a freshly muddled orange.

Then we add some storeys to it by tumbling in some rocks and then building those whiskey-covered walls (in this case, we choose to go with Bulleit Straight Kentucky Bourbon).

Then we give it a little stir (because a shake would be most unholy), a light misting of absinthe (Nouvelle Orelans L’Espirit du Viex Carre) and cap the whole thing off with a weathervane garnish comprised of an arrow-like skewer driven through the heart of an Amarena Cherry and a half-orange wheel.

And there you have it: the original Original cocktail. Prepare to dance your pants off. Figuratively. Unless you’re safe and sound in your own home.

Then knock yourself out.