ORIGINAL SPIRITS: THE PDX ABC Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our latest Homegrown Wednesday cocktail, dreamt up, jiggered out and mixed altogether this week by bartender Jessica Braasch, is inspired by the Golden Delicious Apples harvested from the trees that sprout in valleys at the foot of Mount Hood.

Golden in color and served up with a thick sliver of lemon rind, the PDX ABC—or the Portland Apple Brandy Cocktail—has a pleasantly sour start.

But that sour start, a dash of fresh lemon juice, is just a sly decoy, which cuts the other three spirited ingredients (bourbon, apple brandy and bittersweet vermouth).

In other words, it’s a “summer sipper,” with an emphasis on the “sip.”

The bourbon, Temperance Trader Whiskey, is, of course, Kentucky-made, but it’s distributed by Portland’s freshly minted Bull Run Distillery (its own batch of PacNW whiskey, which has been distilled and is currently maturing, should be fully aged and ready by 2015).

The vermouth, a bittersweet concoction from Imbue Cellars, began its life as a Willamette Valley pinot gris, before it was fortified and aged with Clear Creek brandy.

Which brings us to the Clear Creek Brandy. Potent and full-bodied, Clear Creek Distillery‘s Apple Brandy, made with the aforementioned harvested apples, rounds out and gives a new twist to this sprightly, smooth, refreshing and rather potent summer cocktail.

Swing by and sip one with us this Wednesday, and when you do, sip wisely.